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Shona G. Specializes In Bridal Makeup, Perfecting and Evening Skin Tone as Well As Sultry Eye Shadow Looks for Every Occasion!

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Well .. here we are. If you've made it to the blog portion of this page then you have probably looked through the gallery, checked out the services, took down my info and hopefully set a date to get pretty! I've always loved to write, before makeup I honestly thought this would be my career.. I went to college, took tons of classes, wrote ten million essays just to realize, I would much rather perfect someone's eyebrows than than my thesis statement! 

Makeup started off just fun and games for me, I would spend so many hours watching YouTube videos and practicing looks, I mean until the point that my eyes were raw and red from putting on and taking off eye shadow all day long. I was obsessed, and I still am. At this point my goal is to be the best professional MUA that I can be.. I want to create timeless beauty and erase this notion that if you wear makeup you "don't feel good about yourself", or my personal favorite.. "she's doing it to impress a man!" Seriously!? Because men know the difference between Ruby Woo and Russian Red, right!? I want to offer sound beauty advice in a fun and exciting way. Allowing women the space to be comfortable in that snatched brow and letting their wing liner stretch to the GAWDS! 

Being a woman of color it is important for me to make sure I am giving women who look like me a space to ask questions. While this blog is going to be helpful for everyone, I'm not ashamed to say that I can see that gap for black women in the beauty industry and plan to help close it! Everyone is welcome, and everyone will have fun.. we will dish about beauty trends, new products, how to's, makeup do's and the "oh hell no Please don't!" You will be able to ask questions, interact and get a good laugh. 

I've already started working on topics and how to incorporate visuals as well.. so be sure to subscribe below and share the blog on your social media to help grow our community,

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope to have you in my chair soon.. until next time, stay pretty! 

-Shona G.

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