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Hey there! 

If you're reading this article that means the first blog post didn't completely suck and have decided to stick around, I definitely appreciate you. 

All week I have honestly been trying to figure out just what I wanted to write about. Everything seemed too long, too boring and I just couldn't deal. After a little thinking, I decided that maybe we should discuss spring/summer makeup routines and how to keep them quick and simple. I recently discovered that I can do a 10 minute face routine and was pretty impressed with myself. 

I personally feel like in the summer time, less is definitely more. Be honest.. it's hot, you're probably sweaty and 5 pounds of foundation is enough to make you want to sleep in the whole weekend instead of making that beach trip. Also, when taking those vacations that we probably can't afford and rushing to get to that barbecue at a friends house, it is very important to have a few must haves in your makeup bag for a quick little beat! 

So when packaging your makeup bag this season remember just a few key ingredients .. 

  1. Primer - Primer not only creates a layer of protection between your skins pores and the makeup but it will also give you a nice, smooth canvas when applying your products. Primers comes in many different formulations and can target different things. For example, if you have oily skin like I do, you will want to make sure to get a primer that is Matte and will soak up any excess oil you produce through out day. For my more dry skin beauties, I suggest something that will give you added moisture so you don't experience rough, dry spots when applying products.

2. Foundation or concealer - Now I say OR because depending on the coverage you want there may not be a need for both. I tend to apply my foundation in a really light layer all over my face and concealer just underneath my eyes to add a brightening affect. For some, applying foundation over the entire face is not necessary and that's fine too! Remember, foundation is your base.. concealer can be used in many ways but for a simple on the go look I suggest applying a little just under the eyes. 

3. Mascara- I am a lover of false lashes but when I don't feel like taking the time to apply them or they simply don't fit the look I'm going for mascara is my best friend! Formula type honestly depends on the person, but I will suggest to do some research on wand types because those do most of the work. I've found that more skinny wands add more length were as thicker wands add volume. You can achieve both with one product with layering but remember to allow the first coat to dry a bit before applying another to avoid a clumpy, heavy lash. 

4. Blush- Blush helps to add some color back into the face after applying foundation and concealer. Normally you would go for Blush tones that complement your skins tone and type. Blush can come in powder form or cream. Powder blush will be great for more oily skin and if you tend to be dry, try using a cream based product. For summer looks I love applying blush products with a small powder brush or even a slightly damp beauty blender. The goal with this is to look naturally blushed and not too contoured. 

5. Highlight/Bronzer- Adding a bit of highlight or bronzer to the face gives it that sun kisses glow! For more a dewy look try using a liquid highlighter and a damp beauty blender. When working with powder I suggest a fan brush or even a small blush brush. Adding a little highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones and inner corners of your eyes will definitely insure you light up the room and still look like you woke up like this! 

6. Lip Gloss- Now I am a lover of Matte lipsticks for sure, but for my on the go routine I tend to turn towards lip gloss because of the fast and easy apply and touch ups. Try a frosty gloss or even a lip stain to add some natural "umph" to your look and your out the door! 

7. Brows- I saved this for last because I knew you would be expecting it to come first! Brows are so very important to the face, but when it's hot and you're in a rush you don't really want to spend 20 minutes drawing them on. Invest in a brow pencil, powder or pomade. The choice honestly depends on what texture you like more. If your brows get oily I suggest setting your pomade or gel product with a powder to keep them from looking shiny through out the day. Light, hair like strokes to fill in the brows where needed creates a natural looking brow that appears full and not too drawn on. 


And that's it, you're done and you look like Beyonce.. Well maybe not Beyonce but you do look pretty cute!! Anything else you decide to add to your summer time, on the go look is completely up to you! Explore products and different looks to find what works best for you, because I can be quite the lazy girl these few quick steps work perfect for me and I don't feel like I'm sweating my face off at the end of a hot day! I will list a few products for each section below, if you have some favorite products that are must haves in your on the go makeup bag please feel free to comment them below! Don't forget to share this blog post with a friend and subscribe to the email list so that you are among the first to know when something new is posted!!!


Primers: Tarte "Clean Slate" Poreless 12 HR Perfecting Primer, Urban Decay "All Nighter", Too Faced "Hangover" Replenishing Face Primer, MAC "Fix+".

Foundations & Concealers: MAC "Next To Nothing" Liquid Foundation, Urban Decay "All Nighter" Foundation, MAC "Studio Fix" Concealer, Too Faced "Tape Up" Concealer.

Mascara: Too Faced "Better Than Sex", NYX "Double Stacked", Benefit Cosmetics "They're Real" Mascara, MAC "Fast Lash Extreme Black". 

Blush: By Brands.. MAC, Bobbie Brown, Becca Cosmetics, NYX, Milani. *The perfect blush colors depend on skin tones, but these are my favorite brands who I can always count on for a good blush color.*

Highlight/Bronzer: MAC "Gold Deposite", MAC "Cheeky Bronze", Benefit "Watts Up", Revlon "Photo Ready Skinlights Illuminator".

Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown "Pink Sugar", MAC "Clear Gloss", Milani "Matte About You", Anastasia Beverly Hills "Dainty", NYX Butter Gloss "Sunday Mimosa".

Brows: NYX "Brow Gel", Anastasia Beverly Hills "Dipbrow", MAC "Strut" Brow Pencil, Benefit "Precisely My Brow" Pencil.


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