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Top 5 Best Galentines Day Ideas


So unless you’ve watched Parks and Recreations or done a quick google search, your probably wondering.. what the hell is Galentines Day? Galentines Day is a fun friendship based alternative to valentines day usually celebrated February 13th. Honestly, if you are single and have a good girl tribe this day can be a lot of fun. Galentines Day gets the thought off of the fact that you are single and away from the internet so you aren’t starring at stuffed animals and flowers on your facebook timeline all day. A day of fun, relaxation and conversation with your girls to reinforce that no matter what, they’ve got you babe.

Here are 5 of the best ideas for a fun filled Galentines Day and if you're new to this I strongly suggest getting a group together and just hanging out. Lets get into it..

  1. Spa Dates - Every woman loves to be pampered and usually makes little to no time to make sure that she treats herself. Get a group of your best gals together and visit a local spa. Pedicures, back massages, facials the works! This is sure to relax and reinforce  the idea of taking care of yourself first during the season of love. 

  2. Wine Tasting/Speciality Drink Making Class -  Lets be honest, wine is always in. Interactive events like wine tasting or cocktail making classes are a fun way to get everyone talking, mingling and down right tipsy. Having a cute dinner afterwards is a plus too because everyone will be able to recap on all the fun they had. Conversation is a must in my friends circle so these events are perfect.

  3. Air B&B Staycation -  Rent out a cozy air b&b for the day and have a grown up sleep over party! This is a fun take on a staycation because you’ll get the excitement of a different environment without really having to travel far. Create a food and drink menu for the night, play games, dance, take pictures and just enjoy yourselves. This Galentinesday idea is on of my favs because it brings out that fun carefree spirit!

  4. Take a Makeup Class -  Everyone is all into the beat these days, taking a group makeup class with a professional artist is a really fun activity for Galentines Day and afterwards you and your girls can hit the town and show off those faces! If you’re in or around the Columbus Ohio area hit me up boo, lets make that class happen.

  5. Goal Setting or Vision Board Party -   Being single on valentine's day can be daunting so to combat that, get together with your girls for Galentines Day and take some time to plan out your success in business and life for the year. Talk about your wins, places you need help in and action plans. Focusing on bettering yourself as a whole is always a great pick me up and doing it with a group of friends can be inspiring and super encouraging.

    Hopefully you’ve gotten some GALentines Day inspo from these Top 5 Ideas! Let me know in the comments below what you and your tribe plan to do this GALentines Day and if this article was helpful, share it with someone!


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