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Skin Prep for Flawless Makeup Application!

Any good makeup application starts with a great prep routine! Properly prepping the skin for makeup is a key step in achieving a flawless look that lasts all night and making sure you are protecting your skin as well. Im going to give you some key tips for making sure you are prepping your skin the right way and also share with you a pretty awesome deal going on right now!

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First things first..

  1. Moisturizer


All of our skin needs hydration, not only keep it from looking tight and dry but also to make sure our makeup has a nice supple surface to glide over comfortably and absorb into. While you should be moisturizing after every cleanse many women with oily skin will skip this step thinking it will keep their skin more matte throughout the day. This thought is not only false but it will result in your skin feeling the need to produce more oil and ultimately working against you.

2. Primer


Primer is applied to the skin after moisturizer and plays a vital part in upporting your skin in specific areas as well as giving you what I like to call a “barrier” between your skin and the makeup. This barrier helps to keep product from getting too deep into your pores which is often times the cause of break outs. Primer comes in many forms and depending on your specific skin care needs you can get one to help control oil, add extra moisture and hydration, give a bit more glow to the skin and even add a bit of color correction to areas with discoloration.

This next step is one that many makeup wearers forget all about but are always quickly reminded of and thats prepping their lips!

3. Lip Primer or Conditioner


When prepping your skin for makeup application you don’t want to forget about the skin on your lips. While its often over looked, if you are partial to matte lipsticks this step is crucial to long lasting, comfortable wear. Priming or conditioning lip products help to add moisture to the lips and keep them hydrated and soft, many lip prep products can be worn alone to give a soft comfy look and feel.

This last step seals the deal…

4. Setting Spray


Setting spray does exactly what it sounds like, this step will help to lock your makeup into place and allow it to settle in a more natural skin like fashion. One cool thing about some setting sprays is that you can use them before and after makeup application, this can result in added slip and hydration to the skin before makeup and lock and seal at the end.

If you’re missing these steps in your makeup prep routine don’t freak out, MAC Cosmetics just launched 2 new On The Go Prep Sets that include all 4 of these essential skin prep items! This particular product is valued at $59 and it will retail for only $35 which is an amazing buy. The set contains mini versions of

  • Strobe Cream Moisturizer

  • Time Check Lotion

  • Fast Response Under Eye Cream

  • Natural Radiance Primer

  • Prep + Prime Lip Primer (Full Size)

  • Fix+ Setting Spray

Hopefully you’ve gained some insight on what items make the perfect skin prep for your makeup routine, you can click the photo link to check these products out for yourself or head over to their site at also be sure to follow my MAC Saks Polaris team on instagram at to learn what which part of the set is everyones favorite, and to keep up with all things MAC!

Toodles Noodles!

-Shona G.



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