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Affordable Beauty Products to Try in 2019


Makeup and skincare companies are definitely stepping up their game in 2019. Ive seen tons of new concealers, glosses, serums and much more that have me ready to hand over all my coin and rejoice in the thrill of new product. Im sure I can’t be the only one feeling this way (or at least thats what I want to believe haha) so i’m sharing with you products that I currently have on my try list for 2019.

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My list of products to try for 2019 isn’t a super long one, but from what i’m hearing through the grapevine about them.. it’ll be a heavy hitter! First on my list is the new Fenty ProFilter Concealer!

  1. Fenty Pro Filter Concealer

We all know Riri and her team took the beauty industry by storm last year with her foundation collection of 40 shades, highlighters, matte lipstick and the ever popular Gloss Bomb lipgloss. Fenty decided to step it up a notch and add in a 50 shade range Pro Filter concealer. Its a creamy, long wear, creaseproof liquid concealer that delivers light-as-air medium to full coverage. Looks like Ri checked off some of the boxes on my perfect concealer list and i’ll be running to the store very soon to find my shade and give this baby a try, will you?

Next up is 2 skin care items that i’ve honestly had my big ole eyes set on for a while and I think nows the time..

2. Peter Thomas Roth - Green Releaf Sleep Cream

This product was most interesting to be because of its main ingredient.. Cannabis. Yes thats right, many of my favorite skin care lines are starting to jump on the fast growing weed train and incorporating cannabis based ingredients into their products. This should come as no surprise because cannabis has been known to have amazing healing and therapeutic benefits for the body to help fight disease, soothe aches and pains and its been proven to help calm, treat and rejuvenate the skin. Idk girl, this one might be calling my name especially with my recent battle with adult acne.. are we feeling her? Is sis here to get the job done? We shall see.

With acne usually comes dark spots, those spots can be increased with sun exposure so i’m always looking for a good Vitamin C serum. Thats why my next product is

3. Olehenriksen’s Vitamin Based Truth Serum

The truth serum is on my list of products to try for 2019 mainly because of the brightening and hydration benefits. It also claims to fight visible signs of aging and firms the skin, and we know its never to early to start working with anti aging products. Its said to be packed with orange and green tea extract which without a doubt can provide calming and soothing affects to sensitive skin as well as brighten for an all over glow. The best part of all this is that the Truth Serum comes in 4 different size and the 1.5 oz bottle is only retailed at $20. We stan a budget friendly queen so at this point, i’m sold!

Aside from skin care and makeup products I plan to try this year, I have learned of a couple health and wellness products I’d like to test out. Because feeling beautiful and confident starts on the inside first honey bee!

4. Slippery Elm

Can be found on amazon for as low as $13

Can be found on amazon for as low as $13

Slippery Elm was introduced to me by one of my fave black girl youtubers and I was amazed at what she used it for. Slippery elm is most known for being used to help with sore throats, intestinal issues, UTI’s and to my surprise, its also used to help with the production of vaginal fluid. Many women will suffer from but never talk about lack of vaginal fluid, this can be an annoying issue for more reasons than just sex. Aside from causing mucous secretions that help with stomach and intestinal problems, the fluid it produces can also ease the pain and discomfort of intimacy for many women. I for one tend to have problems with my stomach and intestines so i’m curious to see how this product performs, and hey.. who wouldn't mind reaping the other benefits as well.

5. Cranberry Concentrate Capsules

Can be found on amazon for as low as $20

Can be found on amazon for as low as $20

Sticking with the theme of a healthy and happy vagina here, I plan to incorporate more cranberry into my diet this year. So the last product on my list of products I plan to try in 2019 is cranberry concentrate capsules. Drinking actual cranberry juice has never been much of a thing for me so trying the capsules seems like it would fit my lifestyle a lot better. Cranberry has great health benefits when it comes to inner body health and it even helps to prevent UTIs which may women struggle with and honestly speaking so have i. If you’re in the market to upgrade your 2019 inside and out give these a try and tell me what you think!

That wraps it up for my products to try in 2019, i’m running out to the stores asap to get my hands on these gems. If you have any products you plan on trying in 2019 please share, the list is never too long to add another great product.

see ya girl!

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