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Top Fall Makeup Trends for 2018

When you think of fall makeup trends or fall inspired makeup in general, the same few items tend to always come to mind. Dark lipstick colors, neutral toned shadows with hints of gold shimmer and some how the smell of a pumpkin spice latte creeps in and you assume you have it all figured out. Fall 2018 is definitely here to prove that the dark, vampy makeup look does not have to take over your makeup routine this season.

I picked my top 5 favorite fall makeup trends for 2018 based on the trends taking over the stages at fashion week and what I feel can really connect with the makeup pro, enthusiast and those of you who own one brush and some chapstick, as well as what I myself tend to gravitate towards. Lets get right into it..

  1. Mascara

    False lashes are in no way being made a thing of the past, but wearing your natural lashes and adding definition and length using a bomb mascara this season will certainly have you looking and feeling just as fierce. Natural everything is really making a come back and I honestly really appreciate it. lashes can be natural and long, clumpy and dramatic and even full with some character, its all up to you.

  2. Skin

    Now if you follow me on the gram you know I STAN a good skin care routine, and this is where all of our hard exfoliating work is going to pay off. Fresh looking skin is really on trend this season. You can, of course, still add in foundation and concealer to your routine. The main goal here is to be as minimal as you can with your product and to achieve that fresh heathly glow, take a few more minutes during the prep stage before applying your complexion products.

  3. Bold Lips

    Bold lipsticks in all different shades are really a thing right now and that doesn’t just mean those dark, in my feelings shades either. Its totally fine to transition those bright berry toned lipsticks into fall and pretty much anything else you enjoy wearing. When it comes to formulas I typically prefer a matte lip, but shiny glossy lips can really help add that pop to your look as well.

  4. Shimmer and Glitter

    Shimmer on the eyes and cheeks has been huge on the runways at fashion week and it is certainly a fall makeup trend I can get into. Everyone loves a nice shimmer highlight under their brow bone and atop the cheeks, but don’t forget to tap a bit of it to the tops of your eyelid and inner corners of your eyes. This trick will keep you looking wide awake, sexy and even playful depending on placement. Glitter gives us a chance to be fun and creative, isn’t that what makeup is all about anyway?

  5. Monochromatic Eyeshadow

    If you’ve never used Pinterest to look up what monochromatic eyeshadow, its simply using one color across your entire eyelid and crease. This fall makeup trend is one I really love because so many women do not have the time to create those elaborate eyeshadow looks they see on youtube. Using one color as a base for your lid and then focusing on adding depth with that same coloring the crease is a fun and easy way to get runway eyes in just 5 minutes.

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