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How To Choose The Perfect Makeup Artist!

Special events and occassions are usually a time when many women want to hire a makeup artist. I get so many messages saying things like "I don't trust myself to do my makeup for my wedding" or "I know I need a professional because this event is too important," and I totally agree. If you are not super confident in your makeup skills, hiring a pro is the best option. Also, setting up a one on one lesson with them, so you can learn how to slay your everyday makeup is a must!

Figuring out who to hire for your events when there are so many makeup artists out there can be a bit overwhelming for some, and making the wrong choice can literally be the difference between a beautiful application and uneven eyebrows. Im going to give you beauties a few tips on how to choose the best makeup artist for your occasion. These key tips for choosing the best makeup artist will leave you feeling confident in your decision and give you some things to make sure you consider before making the choice.

1. What Do They Specialize In?


No two makeup artists are the same, and that shows in the type of work that they do. It doesn't have to be the case that one is particularly better than the other, this simply means that everyone has different areas of artistry where they excel. Keep in mind that being an artist can very well mean that they are good at all different styles of makeup but looking at what they do best or the most of can be a good way to narrow down your search. Don't be fooled by the MUA who loves doing those dramatic Instagram beats, because they are certainly capable of giving you a more natural look if thats what you desire. However, if the MUA you are considering has 300 posts of special effects makeup on her site then she may not be the best to have on your list for a no makeup, makeup look. But keep her in mind for that bomb Halloween idea you've been thinking of, ya know.

2. Professionalism and Passion


This is a MAJOR KEY! Paying attention to how professional the makeup artist you are considering hiring is, can really make all the difference in the booking process. Do they have a place you can see their work easily? How about pricing? Do they respond to your message and emails in a timely manner? All of this things can fall under the scope of how professional and eager they are to service you. Remember that going for a person simply because they have the cheapest price is not the smartest way to choose, if you go with a person because they only charge $25 you will very well receive a $25 service. When a makeup artist is passionate about their business, it will show through the work that they do for it in all ways, so pay attention!

3. Reviews and Recommendations


Try looking on the artists website, or social media for comments and reviews from past clients. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in any industry and if someone loved their service they will surely let it be known. Taking notice of return customers and what people have said about their experience with a particular artist can be a great way to feel secure in your decision making process. If you see someone out or even photos from an event, ask them who did their makeup! You could be that much closer to finding your perfect match.

4. Communication


It is true that communication is an important factor in relationships and a relationship with your beauty professionals is no different. Take time to figure out exactly what you are looking for when booking a service and have an open conversation with your potential makeup artist about the look you are going for. This will not only help them see your vision and better assist you in that, but it will also give you an opportunity to see how that person tunes into your needs and caters their services to that.

All in all, when looking for the perfect makeup artist there are a lot of things to be considered. Keep in mind that makeup is a luxury service and trying to find the cheapest and quickest route can lead to disaster. Things like wedding and event photos, birthdays or even a night out with the girls are memories you will always treasure, and don't you want your memories to be beautiful? 

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