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5 Black Owned Makeup Companies You Should Know About!


Hey Beauties! Welcome back.. This week I wanted to write about something I feel I don’t see being mentioned enough when the topic of beauty comes up. And That is the topic of black owned makeup companies, yes yes we all know Fenty is dominating right now.. but what other black owned makeup brands are also giving the girls life?!

The fact of the matter is, black women have always been and continue to be under represented in the beauty community on many levels. This goes for consumers, creators and artists alike! 

No matter if it is companies claiming they don’t make a Foundation shade in our skin tone because we are not “in their demographic” (how the hell can we be if you’ve never made something we can buy), companies who do make products for us not being advertised and pushed for as hard as other brands or black makeup artists and models not getting enough opportunity and credit for their work.. It always seems to feel as though black Women are an after thought when it comes to beauty. 

To think that it is 2018 and there are still major beauty brands that continue to either completely exclude women of color or give some half ass attempt at “inclusion” by throwing a random shade that’s supposed to be somebodies mahogany (can we please stop calling every shade darker than tan “mahogany” btw) out there and expecting us to be cool with it is mind blowing to me. 

I could go on and on about how hard it is to find a stock photo under the beauty and makeup category on google that has the slightest trace of brown skin people in it or how every shade for black Women has to be named after some warped version of chocolate.. but, I digress.  


Today, I want to focus on the ones who are getting it right! A few of my personal favorite makeup companies who have made sure to make products we can not only use, but that we consistently see ourselves being celebrated in. As well as a few that are simply owned by black Women who are killing it and need to be acknowledged for that fact alone. 

Here are 5 Black Owned Makeup Companies that you NEED to know about!  


1. AJ Crimson Beauty. AJ Crimson is an amazing celebrity makeup artist who launched his cosmetics line in 2013. Creating products for women of color was his initial focus when launching his brand and most certainly still is. He started with 8 shades of black girl focused foundation and now has over 12 shades! These foundations are so beautiful and creamy, and the shade range is awesome.. no worries about looking too orange, red or as we see in some brands, grey! He also has tons of lip products and some setting Powders that are really great as well. 

One other thing I really like about this brand is that you can buy the foundation pans individually or create a pro palette with them which allows you to have multiple colors in one place. We all know highlighting and contouring is a big deal so that option is great for all my makeup savy ladies! AJ is truly THE BOMB.COM, get into it!


2. The Crayon Case. I have been stanning for this brand sense it was first launched! The brand is owned by Wuzzam Supa, this beauty was a OG vine sensation who eventually transitioned to making us laugh on instagram. After really taking an interest in makeup and I’m sure seeing how huge her following was, She launched her The Crayon Case in 2017 and it’s on go mode ever since!

Besides having cute and creative school supply themed products, she’s giving the girls quality and affordable pricing. If you’re taking my advice I’m just going to say now the first things you NEED to get are the Anglowla highlighter and the Box of Crayons eyeshadow palette because giiiiirrrrrrrrllllllll ... it’s the truth!


3. Black Up Cosmetics. Black Up is a UK based makeup brand that I was introduced to through Instagram, that has a really beautiful range or foundation, lip and blushes for women of color. The things that stood out to me the most was the attention to shade range in the foundations as well as the blush colors.

Blush is something I find many women moving away from in their makeup routines often times due to not enough color selection.. because who wants to look like a damn ruby or pumpkin all the time! However, Black-Up really offers some beautiful and vibrant colors that compliment darker skin tones so well!


4. PNK Digger. OMG. This brand has some goooooood lip colors! Especially if you are looking for something that’s going to pop for the summer time, I love that their lipsticks are twist up and go on liquid but dry down very comfortably on the  lip. This is another brand I found through Instagram (thank goodness for the gram) and I’m so happy I did. I found my perfect nude as well as a popping ass pink for the summer.. cash me outside in a hot pink lip honey because it’s a look!


5. Juvias Place. Juvias Place is a brand that I feel a lot more girls have probably heard of but if not, you have now! This brand has some of the most beautiful, and pigmented eyeshadows I’ve ever used. The colors are always so pretty and unique, not to mention the art detail in the packaging and all around theme is definitely giving African Queen vibes.

I really love that right when looking at the packaging I see images of black women in their most regal form. They also have blush colors and bundle deals do I really suggest checking this brand out if you are looking for some new shadows and a good deal!


I love all of these brands for different reasons, which is why they made it onto my top 5 list. I’m always looking to find new Black Owned Makeup brands so if you Beauties have any more suggestions to share with us please drop them in the comments below! And if you have tried anything from the ones listed, what was your favorite product? What did you like or admire about the brand? Let me know!!  

- Shona G.  

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