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How to Avoid Dry Winter Skin: Moisturize an Protect

Hey Beauties! So, Im sure you’ve all noticed that fall is in full affect and that means the shift in the weather is upon us as well. I don’t know about the rest of you but the worst part of winter for me is how dry my skin tends to get, I mean the cold just sucks all of the moisture out and now i’m over here looking ashy and sad! I knew I couldn’t leave my girls out in the cold alone when it came to ways to make sure that your skin stays moisturized and protected this winter, so here I am back with the gems!


The first tip is the most obvious and thats MOISTURIZE! The harsh air of the fall and winter season is the biggest culprit in stripping the skin of its moisture so this step is crucial. Using a rich cream moisturizer in the winter is a great way to stay to keep skin looking and feeling hydrated all day. I personally apply a more thin and lightweight moisturizer in the day time and a thick serum and cream for over night. This allows those more heavy products to really have time to sink into the skin and hydrate from the inside out!

Second, and still equally as important is exfoliating. Yes, I know .. I say this in almost every blog. Thats because i’m looking out for you long term sis and I want that melanin to flourish! Exfoliating at least twice a week this winter will increase that cell turn over rate so your skin continues to look healthy and youthful and it also helps to remove dry skin on the surface that may be blocking your moisturizing products from reaching their full potential. Also, if you suffer from chronic dry skin this will keep that flaking at bay while you work on more important things.


This next tip isn’t directly skin care related but follow me! Invest in a humidifier sis, the air gets super dry in the winter and as we start to run the heat in our homes we are further pulling moisture out of the air around us. Lack of humidity in the air can also cause Eczema flare ups, and other skin irritations. Remember, the enviornment plays a huge part in the way our skin reacts, looks and feels.

Lastly, don’t forget about protection! Carry a hydrating lip balm in your purse or clutch at all times, and remember to prime your lips before applying those matte lipsticks. Cracking lips is never sexy girl and you know I wouldn’t lie to you. Also, just because the sun isn’t as bright during this season doesn’t mean the amount of UV rays that reach us is any different. So you’ll want to continue to at least apply a light SPF everyday, especially if you’ll be outside. It can be in your moisturizer or separate, but I don’t suggest relying only on the SPF that may be in your foundation. Its harder to track how much is really in the amount you apply and it very well may not be enough.


Overall Beauty, keep your skin safe and hydrated out here in these cold winter streets. If you have any additional questions or comments about this topic please leave them below, I would love to hear from you!

Until next time.. Slay, Don’t Play!

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