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Skin for Days: What Foundations I Use In My Makeup Kit

If you’ve been following me for a while then you already know a few things about my makeup application process.

  1. Skin prep is very important to me

  2. Layering the right products and amount of products is a key factor in how I achieve my flawless skin finish

  3. I am all about my go to foundations and brands that never let me down with shade range and long wear!

All of these points are factors I weigh in when i’m applying makeup to all of my clients, its important to me to have a few staple foundations that offer a wide variety of shades, especially for those of us with that extra melanin so my clients alway feel flawless and balanced. By balanced I mean that there isn’t a huge gap in the color of the face and neck, the highlight in the center of the face is bright but the shade is correct and blends well with the warmth I create on the parameter of the face and overall just making sure everything flows well together.

Because these things are so important to me, I have a select few favorites that are always a must have in my makeup kit and i’m going to give you beauties the info on them! All foundations do not work the same on all skin types, and its because of this reason that I like to keep a couple of options on hand at all times, okay lets get into it!

  1. MAC Studio Fix Foundation

Studio Fix is one of the first high end makeup brands that I added into my kit because they always have had such a great shade range and the coverage and finish of these are amazing. This particular foundation comes in a liquid as well as powder form, I tend to always lead with liquid first and add powder if needed. Its offers a beautiful skin like matte finish and a 24 hour wear which makes it ideal for my bridal clients, this foundation also has the ability to look suer glamorous and translates very well on camera and in photos. Studio Fix Foundation is definitely bae!


2. Black Opal Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation

Black Opal Foundation is a great affordable brand that can be found in your local drug store, Walmart and Target locations just to name a few. As a makeup artist who travels for bridal clients its perfect because of how convenient the stick packaging is. Its is a creme stick foundation that gives maximum coverage, a matte finish and works really well on my dry to normal skin clients. It also has vitamin C & E which helps condition and protect the skin as well as other great benefits like creating a blurred affect to pores, balancing uneven skin tone and giving me that flawless finish that I love so much!


3. Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation

This is another creme foundation that I adore, I typically use these for color correction and adding warmth to the face. The lightweight formula really makes is a fav for me because I can trust that my clients won’t feel heavy and cakey when I use them for certain steps in the application process and its not greasy at all which is a big plus for me. It is also sweat and humid resistant which again makes it perfect for my bridal clients and anyone who is going to need that beat to last all night! It coming in so many shades is a plus as well, especially when working with such a diverse client base when dealing with bridal parties.


4. Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof

Another one of my MAC faves, the pro longer line in itself is amazing but this real gem here is that this is made in a waterproof and sweat resistant formula. Its great for my oily girls and those who tend to sweat a little more throughout the day. the guaranteed 24 hour wear and lightweight formula also makes this a go to for me with clients in the warmer months. The shade range with these are not as extensive as the other mentioned, however I really love the look it gives as a base for there products and that it layers very well with other formulas.

Now that i’ve given you a few of my holy grails for my professional makeup kit and you know a little more about what I love them hopefully ill be seeing you soon so we can really put them to the test. I really want to hear from you beauties, so in the comments below let me know what your favorite foundation is and what brand its by.

Stay pretty and slay the day!

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