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Back To The Basics!

Hey hey beauties! I've returned and I come baring the tea!


First off, did you guys miss me? I feel like when I don't write a blog every week that I'm disconnected from everyone haha


As many of you may know I recently took a part time position with MAC cosmetics! I was so happy to be asked to join such an amazing family and this past week I went to Cleveland for basic training with MAC! Now real tea ya girl was shook .. like I'm already awkward and now I have to go and meet a whole group of new people, stay in a hotel room for 5 days and have my makeup knowledge tested! It's like I was on lipstick survivor or some shit!


I rode down with one of my very cool, very talented co workers so at least I had one person that I knew. I learned almost at the last minute that I would have a roommate, and of course my spidey senses were tingling because I'm like LORDT! Now I have to do the whole getting dressed in the bathroom, how cool are you with me being naked, boob conscious thing. Luckily my roommate was so chill, equally as unbothered by nip slips as I am and we kicked it the whole time!

I can't go into detail about the class and things we learned of course, you want to know the secrets of this family then you have to do the WERK dawling! 

But I can definitely talk about the experience over all and how I felt leaving. The first day everyone showed up in FULL beat! I mean baby girls was glowing, brows poppin, skin on smooth and cut creases so sharp I'm surprised we even made it out alive type stuff ya know! One thing I was happy about was how nervous some people seemed to be so that I wasn't totally alone .. Our first activity was to partner with the person next to us, learn some things about them and create a name tag for them! 

This def helped break the ice and before you knew it everyone was talking and laughing. Throughout the next 4 days we covered a lot of information, ate some questionable lunches and drank an overzealous amount of wine. The wine wasn't apart of the class of course, but maybe I should have listed that on the survey at the end! I spent a lot of time just taking in information, I tried to actively participate but ya know.. the awkward thing again.. and I learned so much. Not just about the brand but about myself as an artist in general. 

This experience really helped me to gain a more clear view on not only what kind of artist I am but also where I see myself growing with the company and still as a freelance artist on my own. MAC truly is a big family and it's crazy that I'm even on this journey right now because I remember saying how I never wanted this. It seemed scary and too big of an option for me, I didn't think that I would fit in. As of now I'm feeling like this is exactly how things are supposed to be going and I'm just overwhelmed with sass and joy! Our trainer Jessica was AMAZING! And all of our special guests.. seeing artists who have moved up in the company and have done so many badass things was super dope!

Be sure to keep up with me and all that I'll be doing .. and by doing I mean working mostly weekends and trying to get my brows to be symmetrical everyday 🙄 Seriously, one Brow is Gucci and the other is usually on some walmart type vibes lmao As always though, I am still taking freelance appointments so don't stop Booking. 

In the meantime in between time you can come and visit us at Saks Polaris at the MAC counter and play in some makeup! Buy stuff too y'all, I'm trying to make a good impression here.


I was able to get some pix of the crew and a few of our antics so I will be posting some of those below! Sidebar, are you enjoying the gif overload?? Comment below! Aight, toodles noodles!



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