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Highlight of My Life!

I know know 🙄 Don't get to acting funny girls, you know I been out here trying to get this schmoney and I've been a little distant. Don't worry though, I've been gone for a minute but now I'm back with the jump off sis!! 


But seriously, I have missed you ladies and I definitely have missed the comments and reactions to the blogs so I'm getting my life together and will be back posting regularly! This week I had a particular topic just come and rest on my spirit and I felt like.. this is what the girls need. Because it's summer time, I been going to taco Tuesday and it's just been lit! Everything been lit, including this skin darling get into that pic! *flips non existent hair and sticks tongue out* the glow is something serious and it's worth mentioning and sharing so all my get money girls can glow too 🤑


This week we are clearly talking hella shit and paying tribute to my top 3 favorite highlighters! These 3 highlighting products are my go to all the time and they never disappoint. Let's get started.. 


So first we have my all time favorite, like above all Gold Deposit a mineralized skin finish by non other than MAC Cosmetics. This is a luxurious, very soft golden bronze color that really adds some glow to any place you put it. You can definitely just add it to the high points of your face or if you're real extra you can dust it lightly all over the face to create that soft illuminated look over top of your foundation. I personally feel like this is good for tons of different skin tones but my brown beauties especially, the way this gold sets off on a dark complexion is amazing! This product retails for $33 on the website and lasts for sooooo long! 



Next is my favorite drug store brand NYX with their Born to Glow liquid illuminator in the shade "Gleam". Gleam is a golden peach pearl color and because it is a liquid it blends so beautifully into the skin for a very naturally radiant look! I personally use this as a base for a powder highlight most of time but it is most definitely something that can be worn alone. For the price $7.50 it is surely a great alternative if you can't splurge on the higher end products. 


And last but most certainly not least the cult classic Watts Up by Benefit Cosmetics. This is one of those highlighters that you know you can always grab and no matter what it will give you life! It's small and compact packaging makes it super easy to travel with and it gives a beautiful champagne glow! It's a soft focus cream to powder product which makes blending a breeze and it gives off a really gentle glow that is always just enough. This product retails at $30.00 on the website. 

Well that's it for my top 3 highlighting/illuminating products, don't forget to comment below and tell me what your top 3 picks are and if any of these beauties caught your eye go And and try them!! 

Also, Share this blog with any friend who is glow deprived and spread the love .. see ya later byeeeee!!! 

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