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New Beginnings!

ATTENTION! This is how bad b*tches go from freelance to a full time artist.. You b*tches can't even spell artist! 

Yassssss so clearly a lot of things have been movin and groovin for the kid these past few weeks. As some of you know I have been freelancing for MAC cosmetics for a few months now and recently a position became available to join the team as a trained artist with a more permanent position! I feel like I have been going back and forth with different managers, and having sit downs with anyone who would listen to me and I finally got the call yesterday that I was being offered the position! 


Now for some this may not seem like a big deal, but when beauty is what you are passionate about and you understand the regard that people hold a certain company to, you know what it could mean to be apart of that world. For me when I first started doing makeup MAC was everything! It was always a brand I could look to, to give me amazing content, products and artists that scared the hell out of me and made me nervous to stop at the counter LOL

MAC girls have always given off this vibe that they were THOSE girls! The makeup is always over the top and super glammed up and it killed. Now a days you will find a lot more diversity in the looks as well as artists and there is honestly something for everyone! 

When I tell y'all I could have cried when they finally called me .. child I was SHOOK! I honestly feel like I'm so blessed to be able to be apart of something so dope and be able to learn from other artists! I feel like I'm in a makeup sorority or something .. and the girls are definitely in for a treat because I am READYYYY do u hear me!? I am so excited for everything that's about to happen.. My new MAC home will be at the Polaris location in Columbus, OH. Inside of Saks Fifth Ave. 

I will of course still be taking clients outside of work and continuing to work towards my goals of being an entrepreneur. You ladies can still check the site for current content, images, blogs etc. but don't forget to come and support me with this new venture as well! 

Just wanted to give everyone an update on what's been going on and what to look forward to in the near future. The slay don't stop and the beat goes on! 

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